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The Irish Emigration Museum

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Irish emigration has had a true impact on the world. At this Dublin attraction you can learn more about the people, culture and reasons behind this mass emigration.

There are lists of names and dates, but the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum is, above that, an experience. Through the interactive exhibitions, you can follow in the steps of Irish emigrants and learn about the nation’s proud exports, like Irish dance.

More than 10 million Irish men and women left Ireland to settle around the world. This was for various reasons and through many centuries.

You can read the letters they wrote back home and even hear directly from them at the whispering library.

You’ll get to give names and faces to these emigrants and see what they later became. From scientists, politicians, poets, artists and even outlaws, they have inspired and changed the world.

At the Irish Family History Centre, you can discover about your own Irish history. Meet with a consultant from the professional genealogy service partners and learn about your personal ancestry.

Entrance fee required.

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