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Belfast Peace Walls

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During the 20th century, the Troubles disturbed much of Northern Ireland and its citizens. In Belfast, during that time, Protestant and Catholic communities were divided by walls up to six metres high. At night, authorities would lock the gates to keep them separated.

Early on, murals were drawn on the walls, displaying allegiance to certain political and religious groups. On one side you could see the Irish flag colours and on the other the British Union Jack. Some murals had messages of peace and others of oppression.

The Troubles ended over twenty years ago now, and some of the Peace Walls are still standing. You can walk or take a tour to see them and learn about Northern Irish history.

The most popular way to see and learn about the Peace Walls is to take a Black Cab Tour. This tour will take you around the city’s murals, as your guide tells you the stories of the city. And is there a better way to see the city than with a local?

Don’t miss the murals of Shankill Road, a stronghold of Unionism, or the International Wall on Falls Road.

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