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Crom Estate & Lough Erne

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Crom is a country estate spanning more than 2000 acres. Located along the Upper Lough Erne, the estate comprises woodlands, parks, and islands.

The varied landscapes of Crom Estate make it ideal for hiking, boating and biking. You can even hire engine boats, canoes and rowing boats to enjoy the views from the water.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the estate. Look for otters, red squirrels and pine martens. The park is also home to some of the UK’s rarest species of butterflies and moths.

One of the highlights of the Crom Estate is the old castle ruins. Its location along Lough Erne makes the castle ruins picture-perfect.

The castle of Crom was first built in the early 17th-century by a Scottish Planter. Planters were the name for people who moved to Ireland from Scotland and England to grow English influence. This process, called the Ulster Plantation, is a central part of Northern Ireland’s history. 

Crom Castle survived two sieges, a house fire, and war. In the 19th century, walls and towers were added to the ruins, giving it an eerie atmosphere.

Today, you can roam the grounds of the castle ruins, imagining the castle’s former glory. An entrance fee applies to visit Crom Estate.

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Tours including Crom Estate & Lough Erne

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