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Derry, or Londonderry, is a city in Northern Ireland, located north-west near the Northern Irish and Irish border.

Sitting along the River Foyle, it is mostly known for its intact 17th-century city walls, which also includes seven gates. Did you know that Londonderry is the only completely walled city in Ireland? And one of the finest walls still intact in Europe?

You can take walking tours atop the walls and learn about the ancient history of the city, while admiring the views over the city below.

In the city, you can also visit the St Columb’s Cathedral, the first cathedral built after the Reformation. It is one of the most historic buildings in the city so don’t miss it!

Crossing the River Foyle, you’ll find the Peace Bridge, a suspension bridge made of two overlapping parts, symbolising the end of the political divide in Northern Ireland. Derry has a tumultuous recent history, but this is one of the signs of how far it has come.

Nearby, you’ll also find the Tower Museum, which has two permanent and historic exhibitions. The first tells the story of Derry, from past to present, while the second tells the story of the Armada shipwreck La Trinidad Valencera.

The city’s name is contentious, with Irish nationalists usually preferring Derry and unionists favouring Londonderry. But regardless of what you call it, make sure to spend some time discovering this rich jewel of Northern Ireland.

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