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Trim Castle

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Located within one hour’s drive from Dublin, Trim Castle is nestled amongst the quaint town of Trim.

This small town has a long and rich history. It was the location of a monastery founded by St Patrick in the 5th century and, in the 12th century, a castle was built.

From its original wooden construction, Trim Castle now covers 3 acres, making it the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. You can walk around the fortified walls, gates and impressive central keep.

The square keep is located in the middle of the site on the highest point for a good view over the surroundings. The design looks like the shape of a cross thanks to the projecting towers at the top.

You may recognise the castle as it was used as a filming location for the movie Braveheart, about Scottish hero William Wallace.

Trim Castle is accessible all year round for a small admission fee. You could visit by yourself or join a guided tour that will take you to the top of the keep.

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