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Belfast Castle

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One of the most famous landmarks of Belfast, it is easy to spot the imposing Belfast Castle. The castle overlooks the city from its location in the surrounding hills.

Belfast’s first castle was built in the city centre during the 12th century. The castle you see today was built during the 1860s before being donated to the city of Belfast during the 1930s. Today it is used mainly as a wedding and event venue.

As the castle stands at 400 feet above sea level, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views over the Northern Irish capital and Belfast Lough.

Next, take a walk in the Cave Hill Country Park, which Belfast Castle is found within. The park is made up of woodlands and gardens and is the home to many wildlife species, so it’s a particularly lovely place to go for a walk, especially on a sunny day.

Belfast Castle is open daily and sits only 3.4 miles (5.5 kilometres) from the city centre. You can lunch or dine at one of the restaurants on site, or visit the Cave Hill Visitor Centre.

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