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Find out if you need adapters or converters for your electrical items

Electricity in Ireland is 50 hz/220-240 volts, so converters may be required for small, high-wattage electrical appliances brought from the US, Canada or other countries.

Please note that we do not recommend bringing a hairdryer, as most hotel rooms are already equipped with these.

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Adapters & converters

For your small digital devices, like chargers for laptops, cameras or phones, you will likely just need a travel adapter. Wall outlets in Ireland take three-pin plugs, and “shaver” sockets take two round, oversized prongs.

Make sure to check the voltage labels on your appliances or chargers to see if you need just an adapter or a converter/transformer with an adapter. Adapters are available for purchase in Ireland at some hotels and guesthouses, electronic stores and souvenir shops and bookstores.

If you’re planning to visit other European destinations on the same trip – like a combo tour that Nordic Visitor arranges – it would be wise to invest in a universal adapter, which has different types of plugs in one small, travel-friendly unit. Keep in mind that European countries use different outlet types than Ireland (and the UK).

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