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Learn more about network, phone compatibility and international calls in Ireland

Phone numbers in Ireland usually have 9 digits, including the area code, and UK numbers (including Northern Ireland) usually have 10 digits.

International calls

If you wish to place an international call, you can dial directly using the access code of 00, then the country code plus the phone number. The international country code for Ireland is 353 and Northern Ireland (UK) is 44.

When calling to the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland from abroad, skip the 0 that is listed in front of the telephone number, which is only used locally.

Call home even if you're visiting Ireland from IndiaCanadaAustralia or the USA.

Using your own cellphone

You may wish to buy a pre-paid SIM card to avoid costly international roaming charges. These are available in many convenience stores in Dublin after your arrival.

Please note that your phone must be unlocked and compatible with the GSM 900/1800 MHz frequency. Most European phones work on the GSM network, but some North American phones use a different standard. You will also want to make sure your phone is not locked to your home network.

Stay connected, especially if you’re visiting Ireland on a solo adventure.

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